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08/ 04/ 2024 | 9:07

Tom Sinclair, Senior Director at CBRE | Glenbrook Podcast

Welcome to the next instalment of this season's Glenbrook Podcast.

In this episode Guy Butler sits down with Tom Sinclair, Senior Director, about his career to date, the thriving Build to Rent funding market, how he has positioned himself at the very heart of it, the future of the sector and where he and CBRE foresee the future. This is not one to miss - enjoy!

14/ 03/ 2024 | 10:23

Suzanne Benson, Head of Real Estate at Trowers & Hamlins sits down with Guy Butler in this new season of the Glenbrook Podcast

Welcome to a brand new season of the official Glenbrook Podcast!

In this episode, Guy talks to Suzanne Benson, head of Real Estate at Trowers and Hamlins, about her career in law, her interest in housing and her route from London to Manchester. Highlights are her year in Boston MA , developing the legal structure of shared equity for Homes England and the future of housing under a new Government. Suzanne and her team have been instrumental in a number of Glenbrook projects.

Watch the full episode on YouTube now, or via any podcast streaming sites.

22/ 08/ 2023 | 14:51

Paul McGarry, Head of the GMCA Ageing Hub

In this episode, Shannon speaks to Paul McGarry, Head of the GMCA Ageing Hub, and internationally recognised in the field of ageing research. They discuss the work of the Ageing Hub, the importance of including older people in planning and what age friendly looks like. Enjoy!

17/ 05/ 2023 | 8:43

James Whittaker, Executive Director for Peel L&P sits down with Guy Butler in the first filmed Glenbrook podcast episode

Welcome to the first filmed episode of the Glenbrook Official Podcast!

In this episode, Guy Butler talks with James Whittaker, Executive Director at Peel L&P about his career path, touching on topics such as the Trafford Centre, Therme and Peel Waters. Alongside this is an insight into James' impressive portfolio of sporting achievements. James became the first person to ever swim the Manchester Ship Canal, a distance of 36 miles in close to 19 hours, a feat that may never be repeated, raising a staggering £1.3 million for the New Children's Hospital Appeal.

This isn't one to be missed - enjoy!

Watch the full YouTube here.

02/ 02/ 2023 | 11:29

John Ogden, CBRE Managing Director of the North and Scotland talks to Guy Butler

Guy Butler talks to John Ogden, CBRE’s Managing Director of the North and Scotland about his career path, the Manchester office, his experience of the property market in 2022 and his forecast for the year ahead. It should be listened to by anyone in the property industry, those hoping to join the industry and anyone interested in growing businesses whilst maintaining a consistent culture.

21/ 09/ 2022 | 13:44

David Lynch – Director of Development, Manchester City Council

In this podcast, Shannon speaks to David Lynch, Manchester’s newly appointed Director of Development and Estates.

The pair discuss David’s route to his current role, transitioning from the private to the public sector; how the change in personnel at Manchester will drive the ambitions of the city; and the 3 wishes he would choose for Manchester if a magic genie suddenly appeared.

08/ 02/ 2022 | 16:56

Office Fit Out Design

Chris is joined by Phil Westwood from fit out contractors, Overbury PLC, to discuss the world of office fit out design.

The pair discuss how the pandemic has changed fit out styles and whether it is a tool to tempt office workers back into the office,


18/ 01/ 2022 | 16:32

Review of 2021 – Part 2 – The Investment Market

Chris is joined by Jonathan Mills from Metis Real Estate in the second and final part of our review off 2021.

In this episode we discuss the frantic end of the year for the market, which sectors are dominating, who are the buyers and a few predictions for 2022.


11/ 01/ 2022 | 12:36

Caroline Simpson

Description: In this podcast, Glenbrook’s Residential Director Shannon Conway chats to Caroline Simpson, deputy chief executive and Director of Place at Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, and Insider’s Property Personality of the Year 2021.

The pair discuss Caroline’s route to her current role, via Japan and Toxteth; key elements required for public/private collaboration; and the 3 wishes she would choose for Stockport if a magic genie suddenly appeared.

11/ 01/ 2022 | 12:32

Review of 2021 – Part One

In part one of Glenbrook's review of the year, Chris Lloyd is joined by Joanne Gabrilatsou from JLL and Neil Mort from CBRE.

The trio discuss what the last 12 months has meant to the office sector in Manchester and planning & development in the North West.

Themes discussed include; how many people are actually back in the office, Manchester's office take-up improvement, the resource issues in real estate, the change to the planning use class orders and the challenges developers are being faced with an ever decreasing land supply.


11/ 08/ 2021 | 15:28

Designing Child Friendly Cities

Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities

In this podcast, Shannon speaks to Tim Gill, author of “Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities”

They discuss how children’s freedom of movement has changed through the decades, and why its important children are now considered in the design of cities. What tangible benefits are there to this approach to policy and planning? What are other cities doing and how we can learn from their experiences, and what needs to happen next.

23/ 06/ 2021 | 15:27

Sustainability in BTR – approaches, measurement and rent premiums.

Description: In this episode, Shannon is joined by Josh Bullard Divisional Director of Smart Energy & Sustainability at Hydrock, and Matt Smith, Head of Mobilisation, Letting and Management at Allsop.

They explore practical approaches to improving embodied and operational carbon use in BTR schemes, and whether tenants are willing to pay a premium for living in a greener development.

We also discuss the carbon benchmarking exercise Hydrock undertook at Glenbrook’s most recent BTR scheme, VOX and how it meets LETI principles.

26/ 05/ 2021 | 15:25

Big in Property #2

In their latest 'Big in Property' podcasts Chris and Guy tackle three topics affecting the property industry today:

Recruitment - Glenbrook have two positions open and we are surprised about the lack of candidates.
Construction costs -is there an inevitable increase in costs?
Property Media - what are we reading and why?

29/ 04/ 2021 | 15:21

Big in Property

Our new bi-weekly topical podcast where members of the team at Glenbrook take on some property issues of the day,.

Chris & Guy chew the fat on three topical questions:

Footfall is back with a bang, will it last?
Why is everyone in property so busy at the moment?
Who wants to come back to the office?

22/ 04/ 2021 | 15:19

Hogg on Homes: BTR in 2031

Guy Butler talks to Stephen Hogg, head of regional residential and Manchester head of JLL. They talk about where the BTR market will be in 2031, the regional BTR markets and the new Manchester JLL office, as well as Stephen's route to fame, success and becoming regional head of JLL.

23/ 03/ 2021 | 17:12

Spotlight on Tradeswomen

Shannon talks to Hattie Hasan MBE, a plumber with over 30 years experience, who established the first women plumbing franchise, Stopcocks, and last year launched the first UK Register for Tradeswomen.

Hattie speaks candidly about her own experiences growing up in a strict and abusive environment, and how it shaped her journey. She explains how tradeswomen are vital in terms of carrying out repairs in refuges and domestic homes where abuse is taking place, and also as role models to the next generation as an opportunity for independence and empowerment. We also hear stories from her experience on the BBC’s The Big Build, and she also outlines her ambition to create pop-up schools for girls and women looking for a career in the trades.

12/ 02/ 2021 | 11:37

Career Momentum

Guy Butler from Glenbrook talks to Chris Bliss, Co-Founder and Director of Momentum Group, a multi-disciplinary property advisory firm, about his career path from theatre engineer, to project manager, through property manager to co-founder of Momentum. Guy and Chris worked together at Grosvenor on a number of projects, and talk about the development and operation of Liverpool ONE, and how skills and careers can evolve over time.

03/ 02/ 2021 | 10:04

Mental Health & Property

Our first episode of 2021 discusses the issue of Mental Health.
Chris is joined by Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Managing Director of Champs Consult; a WellBeing consultancy advising businesses large and small on the well-being of their staff. Ruth talks through how her own experiences inspired her to form the business and provides an insight into the type of help they provide.
The pair discuss whether working in the real estate industry has any unique characteristics that puts pressure on its workforce (spoiler alert: it doesn't). Ruth provides some great tips on how to manage enforced working at home and trying to balance working with home schooling.

28/ 10/ 2020 | 10:04

Sheds, C-Stores and lack of deal celebrations

Chris is joined by Mark Powell and James Kinsler from PK3.

Mark & James talk about setting up their new investment agency business this year; and the challenges that brings during a pandemic!

The trio then discuss the merits of the C-Store investment market,. the continuing stampede for industrial investments and the impact of limited social interactions during the pandemic on the flow of information between agents.

14/ 10/ 2020 | 8:16

Q&A with Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company

Shannon speaks to Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company about how the Liverpool BID company is serving businesses through COVID, the real threat of the current stringent lockdowns, and what he would like to see being done differently to reinvigorate the high street. They also discuss Bill’s role as Priest and Church of England Minister and a very special acoustic performance at the Philharmonic Hall!

14/ 10/ 2020 | 8:14

Managing BTR through Covid

Managing BTR through COVID: The highs, the lows and the future.

Shannon speaks to Matt Smith, Head of BTR Asset Management at Allops, about the practicalities of managing BTR schemes through COVID. They discuss how the asset class has performed in terms of rents, voids and letting up, as well as innovative events that have kept residents feeling connected, and moving forward in terms of design.


13/ 08/ 2020 | 14:56

No 1 Dock Road, Wallasey, Merseyside

10/ 08/ 2020 | 12:12

Boomtime for Sheds

Chris is joined by Jason Print and Callum Robertson from Gerald Eve in Manchester. The trio discuss the industrial market in the North West and how it is continue to prosper despite Brexit, Covid-19 and the lockdown.

Interesting stats provided by the lads on the growth of online retailers and how their hunger for more space is driving the market forward.

07/ 07/ 2020 | 2:56

Generation Z: Getting to know the next generation in the workplace

Can you tell your Generation Y from your Silent Generation? Do Millennials get a bad rap? What can we expect from the generation just about to enter the workplace?
Fiona Dearing, Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University share her research on the working habits of each generation and their expectations. We hear what makes Generation Z special, and why we, as employers, should be excited about them.

22/ 06/ 2020 | 2:55

A Driving Ambition

Glenbrook’s Guy Butler speaks to Sarah-Jane Curtis, Property Director at Bicester Motion – a campus of excellence for all things motive located on an airfield on the edge of Bicester, in Oxfordshire.

12/ 06/ 2020 | 2:55

Cladding Podcast

With 18 buildings in Manchester currently identified as having dangerous cladding, and another 50 requiring remediation, the disaster at Grenfell Tower is still impacting thousands of people’s lives.

03/ 06/ 2020 | 2:54

A Positive Podcast!

Chris is joined by Jonathan Mills ( Metis Real Estate), Joanna Gabrilatsou (JLL), Olivia McClea (CBRE) and Neil Mort (CBRE) in our first webinar discussing the changes to the property market after we leave Lockdown.

26/ 05/ 2020 | 2:53

Diversity in the Property Industry

Shannon talks to Chithra Marsh, Associate Director at Buttress Architects.

Chithra talks about her current role and how she chose to make a career in property, a sector which has been under fire for the lack of diversity.

19/ 05/ 2020 | 7:46

The Global View

Guy talks to the Global head of research at CBRE, Dr Richard Barkham, about his career path, the changing economy, Multi Family living and life in Boston, MA.

12/ 05/ 2020 | 16:05

Bramley Moore Dock – EFC

Chris is joined by John. Blain, the Chairman of the Everton FC Shareholders association to discuss Everton's new stadium development at Bramley Moore Dock.

30/ 04/ 2020 | 16:11

Making a Splash

Guy Butler is joined by his old college friend, Nathan Cornish to talk about life and compare notes as property developers.,

Nathan is Group Board Director at Urban Splash and provides a great insight into his experiences navigating a course through a dip in the property market, not making compromises on design , new construction techniques and forging new strategic partnerships.

21/ 04/ 2020 | 16:12

Knight Frank & Serviced Offices

Guy talks to the head of Knight Frank's Manchester office, David Porter. After a canter through David;'s journey at Knight Frank, they discuss the office market and specifically the Serviced Office sector; how it has evolved in recent years and where is it heading.

17/ 04/ 2020 | 16:13

Sheds & Covid-19

Chris is joined by Tony O'Keefe to discuss the early effects of Covid-19 on the industrial market in the North West.

Tony gives a background to his career, an overview of the market up to the Covid-19 outbreak and where demand is now being seen.

08/ 04/ 2020 | 16:15

20 minutes with Mr Warrington

Chris is joined by Simon Roddam from BE Group. The pair discuss the Warrington property market; the reason's behind it's success.

The phenomenon of Birchwood Park is reviewed , and what Warrington town centre should be doing to attract occupiers.

31/ 03/ 2020 | 16:20

Sport, Business & Covid-19

Chris is joined by Anthony Howcroft; surveyor at Hallams Commercial by day and head coach at Sale FC Rugby Club by night.

Anthony talks us through his career from professional rugby player to office agent to successful coach. He discusses what lessons can be learnt by the business community from sport generally and, more pertinently, dealing with the current Covid-19 crisis.

20/ 03/ 2020 | 16:21

Now What?

Chris Lloyd is joined by Andrew Gardiner for the third time to talk about the current state of the property market.

Lots of questions....Is there still a market?? Will people adapt to home working? What will happen to values? Should the football season be voided?

13/ 03/ 2020 | 16:28

Build to Rent – Market Snapshot

Guy Butler talks with Alan Bevan from City Residential, Liverpool’s leading residential agency. Following on from his last podcast (Episode 5) about whether there is a rental premium in BTR, Guy talks to Alan about his business, the Liverpool market and what the current themes are now, and likely in the future.”

05/ 03/ 2020 | 16:29

Selling Digital Manchester

Chris is joined by Martyn Collins from Prolific North, the firm behind Digital City Festival.

The pair discuss how to market and promote a major event in Manchester, why Manchester is the perfect conference location and why the real estate industry should attend.

14/ 02/ 2020 | 16:30

Build to Rent – Premium Rents debate

Guy speaks to Ian Scott from LSH about the Build to Rent (BTR) market, in particular focusing on whether premium rents for BTR are real or not.

Ian has undertaken a long term study, the results of which he reveals in the podcast.

07/ 02/ 2020 | 16:31

Chester and North Wales

Chris is joined by Fraser Crewe and Justin Rice-Jones from Chester property consultants; Beresford Adams Commercial.

The trio discuss a variety of topics including the Chester city centre property market sector by sector, why investors should take North Wales more seriously and the miracle of Wrexham industrial estate.

24/ 01/ 2020 | 16:32

Investment Market – Manchester & NW

Chris is joined by investment agent and Manchester property stalwart, Jonathan Mills, to discuss all things North West property investment.

Jonathan provides an overview of his career and transaction highlights.

17/ 01/ 2020 | 16:35

Branding Real Estate

Chris is joined by Jon McQuillan & Andy Heggs from Drumbeat to talk all things branding!

We discuss why branding is so important in real estate and other sectors.

Jon and Andy then walk us through the creative process, the ideas they are most proud of, as well as the best ideas that were left on the cutting room floor by their clients.

10/ 01/ 2020 | 16:36

NW Offices – Part 2

Chris is joined for the second time by Andrew Gardiner.

First up; the pair discuss why rents are increasing at such a pace in Manchester City Centre.

Andrew gives his views on why occupiers in serviced offices find it hard to take the next steps into taking more conventional space and what Landlords should be doing to make it easier.

14/ 11/ 2019 | 16:37

Placemaking & Pop Ups

This week's episode focusses on the art of placemaking.

Chris is joined by Mark Burgess and Andy Philips from Crowd UK, who provide a fascinating insight into the world of placemaking and pop-up shops.

04/ 11/ 2019 | 16:38


Guy Butler talks to Alex Phillips, Property Director from GLH Hotels about hotel development. With over 5,000 bedrooms, they are the largest hotel owner operator in London.

The pair discuss how hotels work from a property perspective and Alex's most recent development, the conversion of the Cumberland Hotel to the Hard Rock Hotel on Marble Arch. With nearly 1,000 rooms there is quite a story to tell!

25/ 10/ 2019 | 16:39

Prop Tech & the Media

Chris is joined by Paul Unger, Publisher and founder of PlaceNorthWest and Place Tech.

Originally intended to discuss the role of new property technology & software in the real estate; Paul, instead, explains his frustrations at how the property media perceives the role of journalists. He provides a guide of what to and not to consider when issuing a press release.

18/ 10/ 2019 | 16:40

Retail – What Next?

Chris is joined by Des Pheby, owner of Pheby Food Concepts Group (which includes the Wok & Go franchise).

They discuss the current state of the retail market from the viewpoint of Landlord's & Tenants.

01/ 10/ 2019 | 16:41

North West Offices

Chris is joined by LSH Office Agency Director, Andrew Gardiner, to discuss the North West office market.

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